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Women’s Business Pitch Competition at AltaSea at the Port of Los Angeles

Nov 21, 2023

Strategic partnerships that strengthen our collective mission impact

Mission- and values-aligned partnerships are a critical part of our impact strategy. We know that by working together, organizations in partnership can deepen collective impact and expand the array of services available to our clients. Two of our Southern California partners are the Polk Institute Foundation and AltaSea at the Port of Los Angeles.

Polk Institute Foundation helps social entrepreneurs find financial freedom and leave a positive legacy for future generations. Through workshops, training, and technical assistance, Polk Institute’s comprehensive program is designed to increase chances for success as a fundable CEO.

AltaSea at the Port of Los Angeles is a unique public-private ocean institute that convenes and nurtures the best and brightest pioneers and organizations in science, business, and education to create groundbreaking impact. A Beneficial State Bank client, AltaSea’s blue economy campus is also the home of one of the Bank’s loan production offices.

Last month, Beneficial State Bank, the Polk Institute, and AltaSea at the Port of Los Angeles collaborated to host a Women’s Pitch Competition.

Entrepreneur standing in front of a screen pitching for an audience at the event

Celebrating women’s entrepreneurship

A regular Polk Institute event, the event combined networking, education, and celebration throughout the day. After breakfast, Beneficial State Bank co-founder and board chair Kat Taylor gave a keynote address in which she discussed the opportunities rooted in women’s leadership in business, politics, and society. Kat also answered audience questions in a brief Q&A following her remarks.

Lunch was provided by White Linen Catering, a San Pedro women-owned business, and the break gave participants the opportunity to visit AltaSea’s art installation, Artists for AltaSea. After lunch, the social entrepreneurs pitched their businesses and kept the panel of judges and the audience engaged through their personal, strategic, and exciting pitches for green beauty products, ethically sourced chocolate, equitable insurance, and more. Funding was announced, photos were taken, and afterward, everyone was invited to mix and mingle at a happy hour sponsored by Beneficial State Bank.

Like all our events, attendees were values-aligned, inspired, and generated new collaboration ideas and opportunities. These socially responsible entrepreneurs, as well as many others in our communities, are proving that business has the power to shape our world into a more equitable and greener place for all.

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