Beneficial State Bank employees smile and stand outside at the Portland - Rose City branch
Beneficial State Bank employees at the Portland - Rose City branch

Where you bank makes a difference

The banking industry as a whole puts shareholders’ needs above all others. We founded Beneficial State Bank to challenge that business model. We operate every day guided by a simple aspiration: deliver benefit to all and harm to none.

Beneficial State Bank is one of the leaders of a growing movement toward ethical banking. We’re proud to stand with other banks committed to our shared values of resilient and inclusive communities and a healthy planet.

As an ethical bank, Beneficial State has committed to evaluating our impact and sharing our learnings and successes so that others may learn from, teach us, and potentially join us on this journey.

2022 Impact Report Cover - Person smiling and holding a flower

Impact Report

Our teams come together every day committed to serving our clients, our communities, and the planet. In this report, we share how we are establishing a roadmap for better banking by staying accountable to our mission and goals, empowering the systemically excluded, and nurturing and healing our planet.

Learn about our mission and impact

What Is Ethical Banking? Card Link Beneficial State Bank staff member stands at the teller line at our MLK Branch in Portland, OR, smiling behind her mask.

What Is Ethical Banking?

By choosing to bank with a mission-focused institution, our depositors are in effect financing organizations that are changing the world for the better.

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Environmental Impact Card Link An oak tree, shot from below, with the branches and leaves fanning out above.

Environmental Impact

Our lending practice and our operations prioritize positive environmental impacts.

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Community Impact Card Link CROP Oakland Grand Opening in March 2023. A line of CROP staff and supporters including Kat Taylor pose for a photo on CROP's campus

Community Impact

Our work directly and indirectly supports activities that make California, Oregon, and Washington great places to live.

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B Corp Card Link Beneficial State Bank employees outside the East Los Angeles branch

B Corp

In 2012, we became a B Corp, formalizing our commitment to serving our communities and the planet.

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GABV Card Link Text "Change your bank. Change the world." on top of two images of forests, one burning and one healthy.


Global Alliance for Banking on Values is working to make the banking industry more transparent and support economic, social, and environmental change.

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Our impact as a Community Development Financial Institution is rooted in our commitment to shared prosperity.

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CRA Public File Card Link Francis Kungu, Co Founder of Exilior Coffee, holds coffee bags.

CRA Public File

The Community Reinvestment Act requires banks to invest in the communities where they do business.

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Impact Calculator Card Link Screenshot of the Deposit Impact Calculator, showing how $15,000 in deposits makes an impact in lending.

Impact Calculator

See how your deposits can make a difference when you align your money with your values.

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Move Your Money

Take action with your deposits. Banking is the original and most powerful form of crowdfunding.

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Ready to move your money? Find an ethical bank and get started today.

Our impact in...

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