Beneficial State Foundation

A just economy requires a better way of banking.

Beneficial State Foundation strives to make that a reality through its mission to change the banking system for good.

Our Vision

Beneficial State Foundation believes that by working in coalition with partners, advocates, and allies, we will transform the banking industry from an extractive, predatory model into one that serves the public interest and does no harm.

Our Structure

Beneficial State Foundation, a nonprofit charitable organization governed in the public interest, is the majority owner of the economic interest of Beneficial State Bank. This unique ownership model ensures that the bank has no shareholders seeking to maximize profit at the expense of our communities and planet—and we are mandated to reinvest all distributed bank profits back into the communities we serve to promote thriving people, a prosperous economy for all, and a healthy planet. This ownership structure also allows us to learn and develop new metrics and standards as Beneficial State Bank tests and implements equitable banking products and practices.

Our Work

As a banking system change agent, Beneficial State Foundation engages in policy advocacy, field building, and banking industry relations to advance triple-bottom-line banking and strengthen the equitable banking field.

As a bank owner, investor, and practitioner, we undertake leading-edge impact measurement and standards-setting, direct a summer fellowship program for next gen social finance and equitable banking leaders, and administer the Clean Vehicle Assistance Program in partnership with Beneficial State Bank.

Learn more about our impact measurement and Beneficial State Bank’s impact.

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