The Impact of Beneficial Banking™

Did you know that banks can lend your money in harmful ways? When you bank beneficially, you choose to support people and planet.

  • Icon Environmental $100MM Environmental
    Coal Fire Fossil Fuels Icon $0 Fossil Fuel
  • Icon Affordable Housing $337MM Affordable Housing
    Icon Private Prisons $0 Private Prisons
  • Heart Pulse Icon White $72MM Health & Wellbeing
    Icon Fracking $0 Fracking
  • Icon Social Justice $21MM Social Justice
    Target Icon White $0 Weapons Manufacturing

Loan data based on December 31, 2022 mission metrics, as compiled by Beneficial State Foundation. Some loans may be counted in more than one mission impact category.

A woman teaches a young child to ride a bicycle

Be a Financial Activist

Bank where your values are. Open a free checking account, build interest on your savings, finance a car loan, or apply for an environmentally responsible credit card.

Personal Banking
Two women stand at the cash register of a small business

Build Your Business

Join our community of B Corps, small businesses, and other do-no-harm enterprises with lending and deposits to help you grow.

Commercial Banking
A man works picking up trash in his community

Strengthen the Community

Whether you’re a small group of volunteers or an international powerhouse, we’ve got a host of specially-tailored offerings for our 501(c)(3) clients.

Nonprofit Banking
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