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New Years Resolutions to Combat Climate Change

Dec 20, 2021

Four pairs of arms hold up signs calling on leaders to address climate change. The signs say "our house is on fire," "There is no planet B," "system change not climate change." and "evidence over ignorance" ("evidence" and "ignorance" are slightly cut off)

The United Nations created a list of 170 actions to combat climate change. As we enter a new year, we can all consider how we can make a bigger impact to save the planet. Here are 10 actions that inspire and motivate our team this year:

Action 20: Advocate for healthy and nutritious food in school cafeterias.

    In 2021, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed a budget that included funding to provide school meals for all California students. Advocates across the state are working to ensure those meals are healthy and sourced from local growers. Learn more and get involved.

    Action 32: Read a book about climate change or listen to a podcast on environmental issues.

      The Real Leaders Podcast hosted Jeff Eckel of Hannon Armstrong, a leading investor in climate solutions. They invest over $1.5 billion each year in projects that reduce emissions and more. Listen now.

      Action 42: Support sustainable, female-owned businesses.

        Stacy Flynn, founder of Seattle-based Evrnu, previously worked as a textile and apparel specialist for brands like Target and Dupont. After seeing severe pollution in China during a visit in 2010, she made the connection between the clothing she helped develop and the degradation of the environment. Stacy asked herself, “If one person can do so much damage unintentionally, what can the same person do intentionally for good?” Learn more about our client Evrnu.

        Action 51: Use a reusable water bottle to avoid plastic waste.

          B Corp companies like Miir create products like reusable water bottles while making a commitment to community and environmental impact. Learn more about B Corps.

          Action 87: Assess the carbon footprint of your workplace.

            Every year, Beneficial State engages with EcoShift Consulting to measure our greenhouse gas emissions, which includes both direct emissions (the bank’s energy usage) and indirect emissions (employee commutes, business travel, purchased paper). We use this information to become carbon-neutral by purchasing and retiring carbon offsets to neutralize the emissions we produce. Learn more in our impact report.

            Action 94: Help food banks and homeless centers to offer nutritious and sustainable food.

              When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, The Center in Hollywood had to adjust their services and how they delivered them. As indoor spaces like libraries, gyms, and coffee shops closed, The Center provided a space for folks to charge their phones, pick up food and hygiene kits, and get transportation to medical appointments. Learn more about our The Center in Hollywood.

              Sarah from The Center in Hollywood doing outreach and speaking with a community member
              Sarah from The Center in Hollywood doing community outreach

              Action 117: Buy organic cotton and other earth friendly materials.

                B Corps like Portland Garment Factory, a woman-owned textile manufacturing company, incorporate innovative strategies into their businesses to minimize their environmental impact. One example is their Zero Waste Studio, turning textile scraps into soft goods like cushions. Learn more about Portland Garment Factory.

                Action 132: Support efforts to clean up the ocean’s garbage patch by donating to organizations committed to such work.

                  Bureo has transformed over one million pounds of fishing net waste into their NetPlus material since 2013, through a partnership with 50 South American fisheries. Now, Bureo is looking past recycling and manufacturing and putting a focus on educating communities and companies on how they too can “turn off the plastic tap.” They’ve partnered with a number of nonprofit organizations, like WWF Peru and Save the Waves, that match their mission for a greener planet. Through the 1% for the Planet network, Bureo is able to provide financial contributions to its nonprofit partners. Learn more about Bureo.

                  Action 161: Bring sustainable values into your workplace.

                    Beneficial State Bank’s teams bring sustainable values into our work every day. We look for clients, partners, vendors, and board members who share our commitment to regenerative environmental practices and seek out opportunities to collaborate for the greater good. Learn more about our impact.

                    Action 170: Be curious. Stay informed.

                      Where you bank makes a big impact. Learn about how switching to a green bank can make your community and our planet healthier.

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