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B Corps: Putting the Money Where Our Mission Is

May 05, 2022 | Marcus Martinez, Senior Relationship Banker

Marcus and family at the pumpkin patch 2022

Many people have lost faith in financial institutions, especially when they hear about the unethical practices of some banks. What my team and I do each day at Beneficial State Bank helps rebuild people’s trust in the financial industry by demonstrating how a bank should act. We provide transparent, fair banking services that work for everyone. I’m proud to be a part of one of the eight Certified B Corp banks in the United States. My dream is to see that number grow.

I joined the team at Beneficial State Bank in November 2020 in hopes of finding an employer in the financial world that aligned with my values. The fact that Beneficial State Bank has been a long-time B Corp drove me to become a part of the team. Once I joined, I saw that our clients were doing great things in Oregon. I’ve also had the pleasure of interacting with our clients in California and Washington who make a difference in their communities and beyond. Our business and personal clients make a difference simply by banking with us.

Where you deposit your money, and where you pay interest on your loans and credit cards matter. The largest banks in the country are top financiers of fossil fuels. The interest earned on loans and credit cards funds projects that are killing our planet at an alarming rate.

You can make a difference today by making the switch to an ethical bank. For those who live in Oregon, Washington, and California and want to bank knowing that your money will never fund fossil fuel projects, private prisons, or anything that damages our communities or the environment, join Beneficial State Bank. For those who live outside of those three states, I recommend checking, which helps you learn more about the environmental impact of your bank and find a bank or credit union near you that shares your values. If you can’t find your bank on their list, ask your bank on social media about their impact on the environment and community, and see what type of response you get.

If you live in Portland, Oakland, Fresno, Los Angeles, or Seattle, are a banker, and want to be involved while making a difference in your community, I urge you to join us in our mission to change the financial system for good. My team and I need more individuals who believe in our mission and want to work for a great bank. You are welcome here!

If you live in California, Oregon, or Washington, we encourage you to bank with your values. Learn more about how Beneficial State Bank can meet your banking needs.

Marcus and family at the pumpkin patch 2022

Marcus Martinez

Senior Relationship Banker

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