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Meet Crystal, AVP, Consumer Loan Servicing Supervisor

May 01, 2024

Crystal Rojas headshot

On the Beneficial State Bank team since: November 2010

Based in: Central California

The Consumer Loan Servicing team serves as a call center. The team makes outbound calls and answers incoming calls and emails. The team works to find solutions for past-due customers, including payment arrangements to help them find solutions to avoid repossession. On a busy day, the team receives over 250 calls. The supervisor supports the team by answering their questions, responding to escalation requests, and assigning clients.

What brought you to Beneficial State Bank?

After I graduated from high school, I saw a job fair posting for a Collections/Customer Service Department position. I honestly did not even know what I was applying for, but I decided to go for it!

What other jobs did you have before working at Beneficial State Bank?

I started working at fifteen years old doing part-time clerical work for a DUI program. I then worked at a grocery store for a year before moving on to Finance and Thrift, which eventually merged with Beneficial State Bank.

What experience helped you get your position at Beneficial State Bank?

When I started working in high school for a DUI program, I learned many skills that have helped me with my career at Beneficial State Bank. I learned proper phone etiquette, how to follow policies and procedures, take notes, and how important it is to be on time.

Can you walk me through a typical day working at Beneficial State Bank?


I wake up, get my daughter and myself ready, and drop her off at school. I then arrive at work and greet everyone. I usually open emails and catch up on anything from the previous day. I help my team by answering any questions they may have. I want everyone to feel like they have someone to go to, and I like to be available to help them with anything they need.


When lunch comes around, I make sure everyone gets released for lunch, and then I go after them. I sometimes grab lunch from a local business.


Once I am back from lunch, I assign accounts to my team and attend meetings. At 5 o’clock, half of the team goes home, and the other half stays until 6.

After work

Once I am done with work, I enjoy family time with my husband and kids. My husband usually makes dinner while I help the kids with homework or sports.

What are some daily tasks that you do as a supervisor?

As a supervisor, I review auto loan accounts with special assets for customers, reply to emails, and do callbacks. Currently, I am also helping with an enterprise-wide project that is launching in August 2024.

What are some rewarding aspects of your role?

My team has a great call-answer rate. As a department, we have a 99.11% answer rate! I manage a team of 14 people, and I love that they are always here and ready to go on time. They know how to handle what is expected of them during the day.

One of my favorite parts of my job is when I get to talk to a customer on the phone and I help them find a solution for their account. Whether we can help them set up a payment arrangement or offer an extension, it makes their day, and it makes my day!

What are some challenges in your role?

We are here to service our customers, and having an upset customer is always hard. Although we try to do our best, what we can offer is not always the answer the customer has in mind.

Any life-changing or special moments working at Beneficial State Bank?

In 2016, I left the bank and got another job. Nine months later, I got a call from my previous manager, Dora, asking me to come back to the bank. The merger with Beneficial State Bank had just happened, and my manager told me how amazing Beneficial State Bank was. I am glad I took her word for it. I accepted the offer because I missed the team and my management team. I have been back ever since!

Can you describe your career journey at Beneficial State Bank?

Dora was my manager when I first started. The training was so hands-on and detailed. Whatever Dora showed me, I ran with it. I started out as a collector and then became a specialist. When I came back to Beneficial State Bank, I became a Consumer Loan Servicing Representative II. In 2021, I became a supervisor.

In my journey, I have been interested in learning and being proactive. My management team recognized me and saw my value; that is how I have advanced in my career here. With proper guidance and training, I have been able to succeed, and I am so thankful for every manager I have had along the way.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Outside of work, it is family time. We go to sporting events with the kids or go shopping. I also enjoy going on dates with my husband. Sometimes I’ll go to my grandmother’s house for lunch, and she will cook for me. My favorite dish she makes is posole with homemade tortillas. I like to keep it simple!

What advice would you give someone interested in beginning a banking career?

Shoot your shot and go for it. There are all kinds of banks. Pay attention to how long the rest of the team has been there. Everyone who has come to Beneficial State Bank stays for a reason, whether it is the management, the bank itself, or the mission. We have great benefits, too, like the opportunity to get volunteer hours. We get to be a part of the community as a part of our jobs.

This interview was conducted and written by Sierra Carroll, Beneficial State Bank's Customer Service Representative based in Oregon.

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