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A Day in the Life as a Customer Service Representative at Beneficial State Bank

Oct 02, 2023 | Sierra, Customer Service Representative

Sierra has brown curly hair and wears a black jacket and top. She stands in front of one of Beneficial State Bank's locations, smiling at the camera

My name is Sierra, and I am a Customer Service Representative (also known as a Bank Teller) at Beneficial State Bank. My job comprises of counting cash, processing customer deposits, and meeting all our lovely customers.

One of my favorite things about working at Beneficial State Bank is our customers. I love getting to know them. I love learning about their lives and hearing their stories while also helping them with their banking needs. Many of them are extremely talented. They have day jobs that support their music careers, are starting new business ventures to support houseless and LGBTQ+ people, and are overall great entrepreneurs.

It is a chilly Monday morning here in Oregon. It is now October, which means cooler mornings, and fog in the skyline. Fall is here in the Pacific Northwest! It is the start of a new week, and it is time to get ready for another day at Beneficial State Bank.

Sierra walks down sidewalk in Portland outside Beneficial State Bank


My alarm goes off. It is time to get myself out of bed and get ready for a new day at the bank!

I get into my car, put on an album for the drive, and jam out on my way to work.

Opening up the branch

I walk into the branch, greet everyone, and clock in for the day. I check my emails to see what is going on. We typically have email requests and questions, so we make sure to answer those as soon as possible.

Sierra walks through Beneficial State Bank offices

My manager kicks off our Monday Morning huddle to discuss what to work on this week, such as learning the proper procedure to make a cashier’s check or which talking points we can use to better understand our customers' needs.

We unlock the doors, and the bank is officially open for the day.

Customers arrive! We have our early bird customers come in and chat about their weekend, while we help them with their transactions.

Sierra sits behind the teller line, chatting to a customer.

One of my favorite customers is usually one of the first people to come in. We talk about our favorite things to do locally.


I take my first break after a busy morning of catching up on emails and assisting customers. The mail carrier comes in to drop off mail and I open the mail to process loan payments or deposits mailed by customers.

Once I go to lunch, I usually sit in our conference room and people watch. It is one of my favorite things to do.

Sierra looks out of a window holding a cup of tea


I am back from lunch, and I check my email to see if I missed anything while I was gone. I answer a phone call from a customer asking to check on their account. We typically get inquiries about accounts over the phone.

If it is a slower day, I will work on office tasks like filing documents or reading procedures.

I take my last break around this time. I sit in the break room and listen to music and people watch again.

Sierra stands at the printer, collecting documents.

Closing up

We close the branch for the day. After this, we are good to leave. Another day at Beneficial State Bank is finished!

Join us!

After another day working at the Bank, I am grateful to work in an environment where I am respected, allowed to express myself, and am constantly learning new things. There is always something to learn while working in a bank and I love being on my toes and tackling problems.

Sierra stands outside the Beneficial State Bank building

If you are interested, I encourage you to learn more about Beneficial State Bank or join our team. We would love to meet you!

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