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We Aspire to Be Worthy of Our Mission

Nov 23, 2021 | Lynn Marie Auzenne, Chief Marketing Officer

Fourteen years ago, when Beneficial State Bank was born, we were relatively unique - definitely progressive, arguably radical. We were one of the first B Corp banks in the world, the only FDIC-insured bank wholly owned by a nonprofit entity, and a founding signatory on many commitments to make a difference and usher in a new era of corporate responsibility.

We're still very different from 99 percent of the banks out there, but we no longer feel so alone. Others are joining the cause, embracing business as a force for good. There are now several other green banks and banks committed to social justice. Impact investing is a known entity. People are arguing about how much time we have to address climate change rather than whether it's an issue and if we have a role to play. This heightened social consciousness is inspiring. It gives us hope and makes so much possible.

Our work is complex, as are the problems we’re solving for. We must be resourceful, resilient, and inclusive as we challenge the conventions that have for so long contributed to inequity and environmental degradation. Yet in the context of this heightened consciousness, we no longer need to yell or insist that there are burning problems to solve – we can focus on the solutions. In this new transformational reality, we must be bolder, more decisive, and more collaborative. We need to support and empower our partners and communities with access, information, and resources as they expand their impact as agents of positive transformation.

And we must do so all the while navigating the unknown, embracing the ambiguity of our mission to transform a 400-plus-year-old industry from the inside out, learning as we go, and trying to change the rules to serve the greater good.

This is the right time for us to take a fresh look at our identity - how we as a bank show up in the world. We are revisiting who we need to be, inside and out, to be worthy of this auspicious mission.

You may start to notice this transformation on our website, in social channels, in our branches, and in our communications. Our colors will be brighter and more distinct. Our logo will adopt imagery representing our "triple bottom line" and our commitment to serving people, the planet, and prosperity for all. Our brandmark and voice will be stronger, bolder, and unapologetically optimistic. Our messaging will be more explicitly focused on empowerment and the role each of us needs to play to usher in a more equitable and prosperous tomorrow. At our core, we will still use orange as our main color - vibrant, friendly, welcoming - and the acorn, the seed planted to grow into our ever-ambitious mission. We have just evolved these elements to match where we are today.

We are grateful and honored to be on this journey of growth and transformation with you. Let the next phase of our adventure begin!

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Lynn Marie Auzenne

SVP, Chief Marketing Officer

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