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Welcoming Returning Board Member Tom Steyer

Sep 27, 2021

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Beneficial State Bank is fortunate to have incredible Board members who share our vision to transform the banking industry from within. With our Board, Beneficial State Bank leads by example and collaborates with and invests in change-makers to build sustainable prosperity in our communities.

Serving on a bank’s Board of Directors requires a significant time commitment. Boards are tasked with complex and imperative responsibilities, including oversight of regulatory compliance, corporate strategy, and financial performance. Bank directors impact people’s lives and jobs and the economic health of the communities served by that bank.

Since Beneficial State Foundation, a nonprofit, is the primary equity owner of Beneficial State Bank, our Board is not obligated to prioritize earnings for shareholders over other key business goals. Instead, they are tasked with prioritizing community and environmental impact while maintaining a financially healthy business.

Our Board members offer deep experience in financial services, systems change, and community engagement. They demonstrate their commitment to Beneficial State Bank and the communities we serve through their thoughtful questions, insightful perspectives, and collaborative leadership.

Thank you to our Board members who are concluding their services. Their leadership, guidance, and insights have been critical to strengthening our impact in the communities we serve:

  • Richard Cordray
  • Robert Davenport III
  • Richard Fried
  • Ross Fubini
  • Adrienne Harris
  • Dan Skaff

Welcome to our co-founder Tom Steyer, who is returning to our Board. We’re grateful for his expertise and leadership to help inform our present and future work.

Learn more about our Board.

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