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Three Reasons to Shop Local and Make an Impact This Holiday Season

Dec 06, 2021

Woman holding wrapped gifts, wearing a mask, and smiling as a light snow falls

Our small choices have a big impact

Shopping with local businesses creates local jobs, supports nonprofits, and contributes to unique and thriving neighborhoods and communities.

Local businesses create thriving economies

Shopping at local businesses keeps more money in your community than shopping at big box stores or big online retailers. More than just small businesses benefit: small businesses provide communities with essential goods and services and local jobs, and they partner with other local businesses.

A cashier in a mask and glasses handing a paper bag to a customer

Shopping locally reduces your environmental impact

When you shop with local businesses, the goods and services require less fuel for transportation and less packaging than big box stores and mega-retailers.

Beneficial State Bank is proud to support local businesses

We know the power of small businesses to make our communities great places to live. That’s why we partnered with Audacy and 97.1 FM Charlie in Portland on their shop local campaign. Click the links below to listen to our radio spots and tune in to 97.1 if you’re in Portland!

Beneficial State on Portland Radio (97.1 FM)