Fraud Awareness

Our Commitment to Your Security

We are committed to protecting the security of your personal information and want to empower our customers to avoid fraud. For more information about how you can keep your personal and financial information safe, please visit our Privacy and Security page.

Worried about a lost or stolen debit card?

Recent Scams Impersonating Beneficial State Bank Staff

If you receive an email, text, or message in social media claiming that someone from the bank has money they need to transfer to you, please be on high alert. This is most likely a scam. Please reach out to our Customer Care Center to verify the authenticity of the communication before responding, clicking on any links, or providing any information. Legitimate emails from Beneficial State Bank will always come from the domain.

We are a US-based bank serving the Pacific Coast states. If you are not in our three-state footprint, particularly if you are not within the United States, please proceed with extra caution. We do not participate in lottery or estate distributions, and we will not ask you to transfer money to us in order to establish a payment channel to your bank.

If you believe you have received a fraudulent email or communication, please share it with our Customer Care Center so that we can monitor the situation and keep our customers informed. We also encourage you to report any fraud or scam attempts to your local police or authorities.

Cybersecurity in the News

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