Randell Leach

Chief Executive Officer

“Pinstripes with a Purpose”

Randell Leach serves as Beneficial State Bank’s Chief Executive Officer. A corporate entrepreneur with 30 years of experience in financial services, Randell brings broad expertise in finance, operations, and new market development, as well as the ability to creatively solve complex business challenges. Randell completed a BA in business administration with an emphasis in finance at University of San Diego. He continued his education with credit management training at Wells Fargo and at University of Washington, where he received professional certification in the Pacific Rim Bankers Program.

Randell began his banking career in the aftermath of the commercial real estate market crash in the 1990s, helping develop resolutions for troubled commercial real estate loans. He has extensive experience in commercial relationship management and credit across consumer, small business, middle market companies, commercial real estate, international services, and corporate treasury and cash management services. Randell has firsthand experience with entrepreneurship as an executive with ShoreBank Pacific (acquired by Beneficial State Bank in 2010) and as the founder and CEO of Mox, Inc., where he created a software platform that flipped the conventional bank practice of push marketing into a consultative approach that empowered individuals to reach their life goals and establish more meaningful relationships with their financial institution.

Randell has been instrumental in guiding the Bank’s growth for over 20 years, while maintaining its integrity as a mission-driven financial institution. His nonprofit service has included organizations such as EarthAdvantage, Friends of Trees, and Cascadia Green Building Council. Randell is personally driven to help people achieve their sustainability and social impact goals by applying innovative business solutions. He resides in Portland, Oregon and is a proud father of two, who share his sense of adventure and appreciation for the natural environment.

Randell Leach