Mayshin Keltner

Vice President, Retail Operations Administrator

Mayshin Keltner serves as VP, Retail Operations Administrator. With fifteen years of experience in financial services at local community banks and larger corporate banks, she brings expertise in operations, finance, and service.

Mayshin holds her BA in Criminal Justice, and Business Administration from Portland State University and began her banking career after leaving the criminal justice field. She began her tenure in 2014 with Albina Community Bank, which subsequently merged with Beneficial State Bank in 2018. Mayshin chose to work at Albina because of its mission to support our local communities, and she has continued with Beneficial State Bank because of its mission to help more people and help people more.

Today, Mayshin is responsible for client experiences and employee development at our Portland branches. She is also responsible for the branch operations and compliance for all the retail branches. Additionally, she leads the development of various initiatives, processes, and procedures.

In her free time, Mayshin volunteers for multiple organizations, including Oregon Food Bank, Union Gospel Mission, and CityTeam Ministries. She also advocates for veganism and educates and encourages people to make healthy, sustainable, and compassionate choices in their everyday lives. Mayshin enjoys working out and spends most of her free time at the gym, outdoors, or training others.

Mayshin Keltner