Jennifer Finger

Executive Vice President, Strategy & Development

As Executive Vice President of Strategy and Development at Beneficial State Bancorp, Jennifer spearheads capital planning and capital raising, identifies and develops strategic business opportunities, and builds strong partnerships with mission-aligned fintech companies. She leads Beneficial State Bank’s mergers and acquisition activities, and evaluates and recommends strategic investments to the Board of Directors. She is currently building the bank’s new credit card business with business cards launched in 2019 and a consumer cards pilot commencing in 2020. Additionally, as a member of the bank’s Asset & Liability Committee and as Chair of the bank’s Deposit Pricing Committee, Jennifer plays a key role in developing the bank’s balance sheet strategy. Jennifer joined Beneficial State in 2015 and, since that time, the bank has grown from just over $500 million to $1.1 billion.

With extensive leadership in both the conventional and social impact banking sectors, Jennifer is recognized for her expertise. Prior to joining Beneficial State Bancorp, Jennifer was Treasurer of Westamerica Bancorporation, a publicly-traded bank with assets of $5 billion. As Treasurer, she managed the bank’s $2 billion investment portfolio, interest rate risk, mergers and acquisitions, personal trust administration, operations and investments, as well as merchant bankcard processing for Redwood Merchant Service. Redwood Merchant Service is ranked among the top thirty merchant bankcard acquirers in the U.S. Before leading management responsibility for the trust and bankcard businesses, Jennifer served as CFO of Westamerica for seven years. She has also held senior positions at Bank of America, Security Pacific, and Star Bank.

In addition to her professional endeavors, Jennifer is committed to serving her community. She has previously served as a board member of several nonprofit organizations and is currently an audit committee member of Side-by-Side Youth Services.

Jennifer earned a BFA and an MBA from Southern Methodist University. She has an MIM from American Graduate School of International Management with a concentration in international finance.